The simplest, drag-and-drop way to see and use your company data.

Pliable took the best data practices used by Fortune-500s and turned it into a simple drag and drop platform you get to use. You're welcome.

"Garbage in, garbage out"? Let's turn your garbage into gold.

Pliable actually cleans your data and does your analysis, so yeah, we care how the sausage is made. And yes, that means you don't need to hire expensive data engineers or analysts.

There's no excuse to not be data-driven.

You wouldn't use mapquest for directions - stop using old tech (*cough* - EXCEL) to make critical decisions for your business. And now, you don't need a 6-figure data stack either.

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"Pliable has made it possible to democratize access to data, make the data easy to understand and bring that data directly to people that are making critical business decisions day to day."

Brian Singer, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer @ Nobl9